What is a Firefighter
He's the guy next door - a man's man with the memory of a little boy. He has never gotten over the excitement of engines and sirens and danger. He's a guy like you and me with warts and worries and unfulfilled dreams. Yet he stands taller than most of us. He's a fireman. He puts it all on the line when the bell rings. A fireman is at once the most fortunate and the least fortunate of men. He's a man who saves lives because he has seen too much death. He's a gentle man because he has seen the awesome power of violence out of control. He's responsive to a child's laughter because his arms have held too many small bodies that will never laugh again. He's a man who appreciates the simple pleasures of life - hot coffee held in numb, unbending fingers - a warm bed for bone and muscle compelled beyond feeling - the camaraderie of brave men - the divine peace and selfless service of a job well done in the name of all men. He doesn't wear buttons or wave flags or shout obscenities. When he marches, it is to honor a fallen comrade. He doesn't preach the brotherhood of man. 
He lives it. 
Unknown Author
I Am A Fireman's Wife

The table's set, the meal prepared,
our guest will soon arrive.
My husband once more disappears
with a hope of keeping a child alive.
While waiting at home alone,
our plans having gone awry,
My first impulse is merely to sit right down and cry.
But soon again I realize the importance of my life,
when I agreed to take on the duties 
of being a fireman's wife.
While there are many drawbacks,
I'll take them all in my stride,
knowing 'My Daddy saved a life'
Our children can say with pride.
The gusting winds and raging flames
may be his final fate,
but with Gods help I can remain 
My fireman's faithful mate.

6791 Hudlow Road
Union Mills, NC 28167
Ph. (828) 2877118
e-mail: umvfd.chief@gmail.com
And the Firefighter's Family
A Tribute to all Firefighters
Firefighter's Prayer
When I'm called to duty god
wherever flames may rage,
give me strength to save a life
whatever be its age.

Help me to embrace a little child
before it is too late,
or save an older person from
the horror of that fate. 

Enable me to be alert,
to hear the weakest shout,
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out 

I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me,
to guard my neighbor and
protect his property. 

And if according to your will
I have to lose my life,
bless with your protecting hand,
my children and my wife.

The Last Alarm
My father was fireman. 
He drove a big red truck,
and when he'd go to work each day 
he'd say, "Mother wish me luck." 

Then Dad would not come home again 
'til sometime the next day. 
But the thing that bothered me the most 
was the thing's some folks would say, 

"A fireman's life is easy, 
he eats and sleeps and plays,
and sometimes he won't fight a fire 
for days and days." 

When I first heard these words 
I was too young to understand, 
but I knew when people had trouble 
Dad was there to lend a hand.

Then my father went to work one day
and kissed us all goodbye, 
but little did we realize 
that night we all would cry. 

My father lost his life that night 
when the floor gave way below, 
and I'd wondered why he'd risk his life 
for someone he did not know. 

But now I truly realize 
the greatest gift a man can give 
is to lay his life upon the line 
so that someone else might live. 

So as we go from day to day 
and we pray to God above 
say a prayer for your local fireman.
He may save the one's you love.

A Fireman's Wife's Prayer

Lord please be at my husbands 
side each day as he strives to do
Your will in his service to others.
Watch over him and protect him
when his duties may require danger.
        Grant him wisdom, honor, courage            and strength. Lord keep him compassionate, kind and patient 
as he helps those in need.
Help me to communicate to him my love
and support, and how proud I am to be a
Fireman's Wife.

If you think being a firefighter is tough,    try being a firefighters wife.

A. E. Briscoe
John Briscoe
Frank Conner
Jonas Conner
V. T. Cooper
Earl Dowdle
Keith Flack
Pete Flack 
R. C. Flack
Sam Flack
Arnold Hodge
Kato Forney
W. C. Lovelace
Alvin Nanney
Hugh Nanney
Robert Owens
Clyde Shook
Guy Thompson
Tom Lloyd
Grant Lloyd
John Forney
Leon StClair
Wylie Taylor
IN HONOR (5 or more years prior service)

Mike Brooks
Eugene Conner
Gary Conner
Ray Conner
Rita Conner
Keith Gladden, Sr.
Andy McEntyre
Steve Nanney
Stephany Greene 
Steve Greene
Freda Greene
20 years +

Dean Conner [51]
Ken Dowdle
Kay Deyton
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Member Photos

              In Memory
                Robert Lee Owens
                      April 4, 1943-----July 28, 2003
Robert served with pride and dedication for 32 years.
He was a founding member, had served terms as a    Director, and in all line officer positions. During several 
of these years Robert also served with the Rutherford County Traffic Control. He was a leader in the Mount Pleasant CME Church. On May 27 2005, the church dedicated its new bell tower to his memory. Robert will 
long be remember by all whose lives he touched.

10 years +
Patsy Arrowood
Gilbert Forney
Harry Deyton
Anthony Dowdle
Tribute to the Ladies Auxiliary

From 1971 until 2004, there existed a long list of ladies committed to the fund raising that supported the fire 
department operation. These ladies prepared and served meals such as ham suppers, poor man suppers, bake 
sales and the annual Ladies Auxiliary Bazaar. Many of these women assisted with the early hotdog and hamburger 
sales each weekend at the firehouse. Also some of this group did house cleaning, raked leaves, and washed
windows to raise funds. Others worked to make quilts for sale or raffle. In January of 2004, the few remaining
 ladies of the auxiliary brought this piece of history to a close. We as a community owe a great debt of thanks to 
these ladies. Though I am sure I will miss naming a few because no record of all the names exists, here are 
those I can remember. In addition to these, countless others donated baked goods and other supplies 
necessary for preparation of the fund drives.

The last official function of the auxiliary was the presentation of a new flagpole and 
flags placed in front of the new firehouse. Pearl Barnette hoist the flags into position
surrounded by Amy Wilson, Minnie Radford, Violet Dowdle, Anna Motenen, Stephany
Green, Steve Green, Gary Conner.
This page was last updated: April 8, 2023
     5 Years +
Michael Carpenter
Joshua Hendrix
Carson Ramsey
Alvin Nanney
Alvin died September 4, 2011
December 2010 ended Alvin's service. He had served faithfully since 1977. He served as Treasurer and a Board Member. He also served the Community Watch and the Sheriff's Traffic Control. Alvin, will long be remembered. 
A Tribute to the Ladies Auxiliary

A special thanks is is due to the members of the former Ladies Auxiliary. Though the Auxiliary is no longer active, many ladies gave countless hours to raise funds to support the fire department. These ladies prepared many
fund raising dinners, held the annual bazzar, and the once popular weekend hamburger & hot dog sales. Some of the
group worked together to make hand stitched quilts for raffle at the bazzar. One group of ladies in our early years did house cleaning, washed windows, and raked leaves to raise funds. Though no record exist of the names of all those who participated throughout the years, below are those I can remember (no particular order)

Mattie Flack*             Pearl Barnette *          Mary Flack*              Anna Mottenen*          Minnie Radford*
Martha Lovelace        Lucille Lloyd*            Betty Owens              Amy Wilson*              Freda Greene
Jeannie Conner         Rita Blankenship        Ruth Sluder               Hattie Thompson*      Estele Craig*     
Lonnie Twitty*          Kaye Briscoe *            Violet Dowdle *          Tinsy Conner​*             Peggy StClair
Gertie Baynard*        Bonnie Roane*          Coleen Nanney          Alla Briscoe*                Rachel Dowdle
Elaine Conner          Voncil Cooper*            Betty Flack *              Violet Hodge*              Inez Morgan*

Deceased *