Home Safety Tips:

Check your Smoke Detector each month and change the battery when you change your clock.

Have a fire extinguisher in your home and auto. Know where it is, and how to use it.

Have a designated meeting place outside your home if you should have a fire and need to evacuate.

Teach your children their phone number, home address, and directions to your home.

Teach your children to dial 911 when they need emergency help. Fire, EMS, and Police.

Assure that all window and doors open freely for emergency escape. Close doors as you exit a burning building,
this slows the fire spread.

Never go back into the burning building once you have escaped.

Have a designated meeting place away from your home in the event of a disaster in your area.

Store your important documents and items in a fire resistant container. Make copies of special photos and leave
with a relative or friend.

Dial 911 to report your fire before trying to fight it yourself. Never attempt to fight a structure fire unless
you are sure you can do so safely, and only when you have an exit nearby.  If you have time close all doors as you exit,
this slows the spread of fire.

When using fuel fired portable heaters, never refill indoors and always wait for the heater to cool. Store fuel only in
suitable container and properly label as to its contents. Maintain a safe distance between the heater and
combustibles such as furniture and curtins.  

Clean your clothes dryer lint filter often to prevent over heating.
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