Is the Internet not awesome? Union Mills Volunteer Fire Department has gone worldwide, we are in cyberspace. If you are outside the area and just stumbled onto the site, you are surely asking, "where on earth is Union Mills, North Carolina"? If you are a local resident, you are likely to learn some things about your fire department (and possible this area) you did not know. Visit each page and check out the links to other sites for a wealth of information regarding your health and safety. This is my first attempt with a web site and has been a pleasure as well as a great learning experience. I hope to keep it current and worth the time you spend here.

For more than fifty years and being the last organizing member, it has been my pleasure to serve 
the needs of my neighbor.
 I am proud of the work we have done and the accomplishment we have made. I am proud of the 
dedicated men and women who serve with me, and pleased with the fellowship within our 
operation. I am thankful also for the mutual aid response from our neighbor fire departments. 
Being a firefighter requires sacrifice not only from the individual, but from his 
family as well. I give thanks not only to my own family, but to all those families who take second 
place to the alarm. For that dedicated family, there exist a special feeling having offered comfort 
to others in a time of crisis. Special comforts also exist knowing the fire service brothers and 
sisters will be there during their own time of need. 

There is strength in number, and our number is too small. We would be happy if you would consider becoming a part of our fire service family. Our station has no big screen TV, our equipment is neither the latest nor the greatest, but we have come a long way and we are still moving. It is our desire to provide quality service to you, provide the greatest safety to the firefighter, and do this without a financial burden on the residents.

The key element in fire protection is fire prevention. The key to traffic safety is careful driving. Because the accident or fire has happened before we get the call, it is like starting a race in last place. If we run fast, work hard and make no mistakes, we may finish the race, but seldom in first place. The best we can hope for is to provide comfort to those involved and keep the damage to a minimum. We will do our best to give you our best.

In closing, I want to thank the residents of our response district for their support throughout the years and ask your continued support that we may continue to serve you. 

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